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Distributor resmi baterry ups, Powerkingdom, Panasonic, CSB, Dynasti, Yuasa, Surabaya

PT. Sentradaya Citra Lestari merupakan distributor resmi Powerkingdom, Panasonic, CSB. Semua produk kami adalah standart international dan merupakan produk dengan layanan purna jual. Semua produk kami bergaransi resmi pabrik 1 tahun.

Baterry atau accu kering ups merupakan baterai jenis VRLA AGM. Battery jenis ini di desain untuk penggunaan dalam UPS. Kami merupakan importir untuk baterai ups. Semua produk kami bergaransi resmi pabrik.

Merk – merk batterai ups yang kami ageni antara lain :

A. Baterai UPS Powerkingdom

  1. Spesifikasi, Harga, brosur Baterai UPS Powerkingdom bisa di klik disini
B. Baterai UPS Panasonic
  • Spesifikasi, Harga, brosur Baterai UPS Panasonic bisa di klik disini
  • Spesifikasi, Harga, brosur Baterai UPS CSB bisa di klik disini
Produk terkait :
  • Battery untuk solar sell
  • UPS untuk rumah sakit
  • Lampu jalan tenaga surya

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  1. Mohon dikirim ke email kami:catalog UPS,Battery UPS & Solar Sel

  2. Pak kami butuh battery UPS merk CSB TYPE 12750 – 75 AH.
    Kami tungguh kabarnya segera.

  3. Sore pak.
    Kami mohon di beri penawaran harga
    untuk :
    UPS 3.3KVA
    MODEL : SCB 100-48-150.

    Kami tunggu penawaranya SEGERA
    dan mohon di kirim ke email kami pak ya.
    Terima kasih.

  4. Dear Sir / Madam

    how are you today ?

    this is steven from HU BEI JOPOWER POWER CO.,LTD CHINA

    I got information that your company have been go in for the business of lead acid battery.

    our company is one of Manufacturer & exporter in HU BEI CHINA,our battery can for UPS systems,alarm systems,

    communication equipment,motorcycle starting,power wheelchair,mobility scooter,solar and &wind&water storage systems, control equipment,power tools,toys,golf carts batteries,inverters,medical equipment and security systems, emergency Light.

    i very like to do the business with you,and we will to do our best supply the battery to you with the competitive

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    I looking forward to your promptly response to further our business

  5. Dear sir,

    I am Helen ,the Sales Director from FUJIAN MINHUA POWER SOURCE CO.,LTD.(MHB-battery)
    FUJIAN MINHUA POWER SOURCE CO.,LTD are found on the year of 1996. We are the NO.1 battery plates supplier and one of the top 10th of sealed lead acid battery factories in China.We have our brand name Min Hua for battery plates and battery (MHB-BATTERY) .

    We produce AGM battery for standby usage and motorcycle batteries .

    For standby batteries ,we have MS,MM,MR,ML series ,
    1) MS series: from 4V4AH—12V28AH
    2) MM series:from 12V30AH–12V250AH
    3) MR series :Front terminal battery for telecom system; 12V55AH–12V180AH
    4) ML series: 2V50AH-2V3000AH
    For motorcycle batteries ,we supply maintenance free AGM battery.

  6. samsudin asamsu

    Dear All……. Aku dari Samas Computer Bandung,bermaksud untuk menjalin kerjasama dalam pemasaran produk Batere.Mohon kiranya untuk mengirimka PL ke alamat email yang bersangkutan.Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya !.

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