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Batteries Solar Power

More and more electric golf carts are found on the golf course. So there are lots of golf cart batteries are available in the market because electric carts are completely powered by these batteries. As we all know, batteries will self discharge when they are not in use. That’s why we always fully charge it before storing those carts.

I think you have known that temperature affects the performance of most lead acid batteries, such as car battery. For car owners, they realize that it’s hard to get their car started in winter because of the cold weather. However, in addition to temperature, over charge or deep discharge affects the service life, even shorten it. So always fully recharge the golf cart batteries as soon as possible after use. Never discharge a golf cart battery to less than 80% of its nominal voltage. Maintain a trickle charge current on the battery at all time when not in use. Please pay attention to never store golf cart batteries on a concrete floor, or directly on any floor. This may cause a temperature gradient inside the battery and will accelerate aging.

Charging is also very important for golf carts. Remember these that are given above to help you protect your carts. Of course, taking good care of the golf cart batteries can let your cart be used for longer time. Spend a little time to care this and your life will be more wonderful.

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