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UPS batteries are chemical energy storage devices that deteriorate over time. They have a design life based on optimum site conditions and an expected number of charge-discharge cycles. A five year design life battery will probably require replacement within year 4, and a ten year design life battery within year 7. Whilst many UPS and standby power systems automatically test their batteries, nothing beats a visual inspection and on-site testing.

Our UK testing and replacement service provides on-site testing to assess and report on the performance and suitability of the battery set. During testing we will check individual cell condition, total battery capacity and the remaining reliable operational life. This testing can be purchased as a one off service or part of our Battery Maintenance Plans.

Battery Maintenance Plans (Battery Care)

Riello UPS Battery Care plans are tailored towards the types of batteries used within UPS and Standby Power Systems. They can be combined with a UPS Maintenance plan to provide complete system cover or provided where only the battery is to be maintained.

The Battery Care service typically includes a minimum of one preventative maintenance visit per year (and up to 1,000 cells/blocks per day). This can be increased to six monthly or quarterly for mission critical sites. The visits are typically scheduled for normal working hours with options for outside hours and weekend/bank holiday work.

During a maintenance visit the entire battery set will be put through a five stage process to ensure optimum performance during a power failure. The five stage Battery Care process includes:

1. Visual: check for a variety of conditions dependent on battery type:

– VRLA batteries – check for distortion caused by plate/pole growth, leakage or corrosion.
– Flooded cells – check for plate colour, sediment level, electrolyte level, leakage and corrosion.
– NiCads – check for leakage and corrosion.

2. Measurements: take DC float voltage measurements – string and individual cells.

3. Mechanical: clean all batteries, confirm the minimum torque on all connections, top up electrolytes where possible (not sealed lead acid batteries).

4. Electrical Tests: impedance test individual battery cells and strings, and load test the battery if necessary.

5. Environment Checks: check the suitability of the local environment in terms of ambient temperature and any noticeable humidity and other environmental matters.

Finally a site report is issued with recommendations for future system monitoring or battery replacement.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Riello UPS Ltd works with all the major battery manufacturers and can source virtually any replacement cells. Batteries can be replaced on-site and the system brought back on line.

Disposal of UPS Batteries

Riello UPS Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 – for the transportation of waste batteries and will dispose of them in line with the processes identified in our Environmental Management System (EMS).

Load Bank Testing

Riello UPS Ltd provides full AC and DC on-site load testing when a complete system inspection is required. Load bank testing is provided as an option to standard commissioning and maintenance procedures. Load bank testing helps to identify potential areas for concern under controlled test conditions. With the service an engineer can quickly identify if the UPS is correctly connected and/or capable of supporting a critical load. Load bank testing can also be used as part of extensive battery testing.

Riello UPS Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A) – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers ofuninterruptible power supplies. This is what makes us different in the power protection market. For more information please view our case studies or contact us.

1. Adding Value

  • A single source for your power protection needs providing the complete turn-key service including uninterruptible power supplies, generators, static transfer switches, battery monitoring, power distribution units, electrical installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Time and again, we ensure our customers’ power solutions are delivered on time and within budget.
  • We insist on no disruption (or as little as possible) to your day-to-day business during installation and commissioning.
  • We’re resolute that our engineers, who work with you onsite, are the best in the business and are always highly skilled, professional and courteous.
  • No hidden surprises – with Riello UPS we are clear from the start about what’s included and what’s not, what you’re paying for and what to expect so there are no hidden extras.
  • More than just power protection – no matter what type of business or industry you’re in, we ensure that our UPS systems enhance your operations. For example, when categorising loads we can advise you on how to maximise them thus enhancing system efficiency for you.
  • With Riello UPS, you always get more than you expect – in a good way, of course!

2. Driving UPS Innovation

  • Riello is strongly committed to technological and design excellence. In 2007, Frost & Sullivan, a world-leading market research company, awarded Riello UPS with Product Line Leadership andCustomer Value Enhancement accolades.
  • Riello UPS are focused on resilience and their impact on the environment. Our latest UPS, Multi Plus and Master Plus are extremely energy efficient and suitable for a whole range of applications – particularly today’s high-end datacenters. Our UPS offer the highest input power factors possible, the smallest footprints and total harmonic distortion of less than 3% – far exceeding European Commission recommendations.
  • Riello was also one of the first UPS manufacturers to introduce intuitive and graphic user interfaces, simplifying operation and minimizing the training required to use them.
  • Riello was the first company to introduce the NPC inverter technologies, which offer many benefits and improvements in UPS efficiency, cost and size.

3. Promoting Efficiency

We take seriously the requirements of today’s uninterruptible power supply customer and focussed firmly on efficiency – not just energy efficiency but UPS ‘ efficiency everywhere’. We are committed in every part of our business – from design of new products through installation and commissioning to after-sales support and on-going maintenance – to keeping efficiency high and costs low.

4. Centred on Reliability

The three most important words to us are: reliability, reliability, reliability. From the tiniest of components, which are used in the manufacture of our units through system design to the way we take care of and manage your power protection needs after installation, at every stage our focus is on reliability. Our systems can be run in resilience structures that deliver the highest possible MTBF values and meet the exacting demands of a tiered architecture.

5. Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When you invest in Riello UPS products you can be sure to get the best lifetime value possible and reduced capital and operating costs. As well as being energy efficient, our UPS are also reliable so repair or replacement bills are the lowest they can be. Our maintenance plans are guaranteed cost-effective and we are one of the only UPS companies that won’t lock you in to expensive vendor tie-ins.

6. Insisting on Service Excellence

Riello is one of the only UPS providers that operates certified management systems including: ISO 9001:2000 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and SAFEContractor, which ensures customer safety and satisfaction.

7. Providing Reliable Expertise

Riello also runs acclaimed UPS training academies. Leaving nothing to chance, this ensures our customers can rest assured our engineers are competent, skilled and reliable. This training is also accessible to customers.

8. Demonstrating Proven Technology

  • We ensure every single component of your UPS system is of the highest possible quality.
  • When you invest in our technology, your investment is buying you proven capability and expertise. Our systems are protecting the power requirements of some of the world’s most high-profile companies – but to us every customer is special.

Riello UPS Ltd

  • Europe’s leading manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies to 6MVA, based in Italy
  • Leading-edge, ECO friendly Uninterruptible Power Supplies with zero-impact technologies
  • Frost and Sullivan Winners 2007 – Product Line Leadership and Customer Value Enhancement
  • Leading UK brand within datacentre, telecoms, security and process control applications
  • Complete Power Solutions – UPS, PDUs, Standby Transfer Switches (STS), generators & monitoring (battery, environmental and security)
  • Construction Design Management (CDM) competent Turn-key Project Management Team
  • HV/LV Design, Build and Install capabilities
  • Service network covering the UK, Eire, Scotland and the Channel Islands
  • Nationwide full-time Riello UPS service engineers
  • Approved and insured sub-contractor network
  • NICEIC approved electrical contractors
  • UK service centres and spares depots – North (Wrexham) and South (Hitchin)
  • Nationwide 24/7 emergency response team (365 days up to 4 clock hour call out)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SafeContractor certified systems
  • UPS Academy and ‘Certified Riello UPS Engineer’ program for installers and maintainers
  • Open-source UPS software and maintenance packages
  • Writers of The Power Protection Guide (ISBN: 978-0-9554428-0-3)
  • UPS Leasing and Hire Plans
  • And a major sponsor to Ducati Corse
April 17, 2012

Riello UPS, part of the Riello Elettronica Group, and a leading European manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply systems, has expanded its popular range of Master HP series UPS to include a new, higher input 600kVA model. Already chosen by hundreds of companies and organizations to power the world’s largest data centers and installations, the Master HP range is ideal for the power protection of corporate wide, large network and industrial applications.

Thanks to the double conversion on-line technology achieved with IGBT and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control, the Master HP series is especially suited for a variety of mission critical applications, guaranteeing maximum protection along with high performance filtering for any type of IT and industrial load.

“Like the rest of the Riello UPS Master HP family, the brand new 600 kVA model is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, offering the highest levels of protection” says Luca Buscherini, Riello UPS Marketing Manager. “With particular attention given to energy efficiency, reliability and compactness; the Master HP 600 model is one of the most compact UPS available today.”

The Master HP range is one of the most efficient, flexible and reliable UPS systems available today. The ‘Smart Active’ function allows the unit to monitor the condition of the mains power, and then selects the best operating mode to maintain resilience whilst increasing operational efficiency to 99%.
When in a parallel redundant configuration (often used in data centers and other mission critical applications), the Master HP ‘Energy Saving’ function allows the intelligent management of energy consumption with a gradual activation of the UPS modules, depending on the actual needs of the load.In addition to the higher power and exceptional performance, the Master HP 600 is also “Smart Grid Ready”.
The Master Plus HP series shares advanced battery management technology with the traditional Master MPS models, to help achieve maximum battery performance and prolonged design life. The unit also features a range of advanced communication and connectivity options for easy remote management.

“With the new Master HP 600” closes Buscherini, “Riello UPS is meeting the needs of clients who not only want secure and reliable power, but who are also sensitive to the overall running costs and efficiency of their facilities”

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