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Produk UPS Riello Aros untuk komputer, PC di warnet

Brosur dan spesifikasi UPS Riello Aros line interaktive  Dwonload aje
The VISION series is available in the Tower version (VST) for models from 800VA to 2000VA with sinewave digital technology. The VISION series, for its connectivity and advanced communications, is the ideal solution for the most demanding customers who require a power supply system that offers superior protection and versatility.VISION is the best protection for peripheral network devices, conventional servers, and network back-up systems.
High protection
The Vision series uses Line Interactive technology and provides a sinewave output. The UPS is 98% efficient with a low energy consumption and also provides a high level of protection against mains power disturbances. An AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator provides protection from brownouts, surges, overvoltages and undervoltage without battery intervention.Reduced battery usage ensures that the battery set is 100% available for mains power failures. EMI filters provide further protection from surges and transients. When the mains power supply fails, the load is powered by the inverter, providing a perfect sinewave for maximum power continuity and reliability.Advanced communication
• Advanced communication, multi-platform, for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield3 supervision and shut-downsoftware for Windows operating systems 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux, Novell and other Unix operating systems.
• USB or RS232 (selectable)
• Expansion slot for SNMP network adapter card
• statuses, measurements, alarms, and input, output and battery parameters available on LCD display.

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  2. Haloo,,

    Saya ingin bertanya, untuk UPS tipe ini apakah bisa di tambah external battre seperti accu mobil atau dll ga ya?
    Mohon bantuannya…

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