Battery haze untuk solar cell atau listrik tenaga surya 2v dan 12 vdc type HZY dan OpzV

Haze Battery OPzV Solar Cell


MPower offers two ranges of OPzV Solar Cells – HAZE and Hoppecke. The OPzV gelled electrolyte battery technology has proven over decades and thousands of installations throughout the harshest regions of the world, to be the most reliable technology available. The technology simply has no peer when comparing service life, cycles, resistance to abuse and tolerance to a wide range of environments. The cells are available in 2 Volt cells from 240Ah to 3500Ah (C100).


OPzV Solar Cells – HAZE & Hoppecke

 Features include:

  • Maintenance Free and Sealed (no topping up required)
  • High cycle and service life
  • Deep discharge resistant
  • No acid stratification
  • Tubular plates
  • Gelled electrolyte technology
  • Safe for transport
  • Extremely low self-discharge
  • Low gassing
  • Easy installation
Battery Haze type HZY SL

– GEL Batterie
– GEL Technology (Genuine Gel)
– Batteries VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
– SOLAR Range
– Applications: photovoltaic power supply
– Deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications
– Nominal voltage: 6 & 12 Volts
– Capacity C100: 8 to 237Ah
– Design Life (HZY12-7,5 to HZY12-12): 5 years in floating
– Design Life (all others): 12 years in floating
– Separators microporous Duroplastic
– Thicker plates ? increased durability
– Terminal Insert
– Sealed construction eliminates the need for watering
– Completely maintenance free
– Spill proof / leak proof (ABS case and cover)
– Low self discharge
– Accessories supplied

Brosur battery haze hzy sl klik disini

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