Battery Trojan untuk solar cell

Engineered for best value and worry-free storage, Trojan Solar AGM maintenance-free batteries can be counted on day in and day out as a reliable power source for a wide range of off-grid and unreliable grid applications, including:

• Remote micro-grids • Solar home systems
• Solar street signs/lights • Residential & commercial backup
• Off-grid cabins/tiny house • Telecom
• Oil & gas

Trojan’s proven quality and reliability is the result of our extensive engineering expertise in deep-cycle battery design. Our Solar AGM batteries feature:

  • Ruggedized polypropylene case
  • Optimized paste formula for deep-cycle operation
  • Reinforced cell compression
  • Flame arrestors 
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Abuse tolerant and safe

These combined elements deliver increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, and enhanced durability, designed by Trojan’s world-class engineering team. The Trojan Solar AGM batteries are produced at its U.S.-based manufacturing operations which employs the latest technology, testing and quality check standards in the industry.

A. The number of amp-hours(Ah) a battery can deliver when discharged at a constant rate at 86°F (30°C) for all rates and maintain a voltage above 1.75 V/cell. Capacities are based on peak performance.
B. Dimensions may vary depending on type of handle or terminal. Batteries should be mounted with 0.5 inches (12.7mm) spacing minimum.
C. Height taken from bottom of the battery to the highest point on the battery. Heights may vary depending on type of terminal.
D. Terminal images are representative only.
E. Weight may vary.

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