UPS Riello aros type Modular system

UPS Riello Aros : 3 phase/ 3phase

15 – 120 KVA

The MULTI GUARD 15-120kVA is a modular scalable three-phase / three-phase ups with double conversion technology: its power range from 15 kVA to 120 kVA offers the best combination between reliability, functionality and flexibility.

The parallel configuration of N + X MULTI GUARD 15-120 adopts a highly intelligent modular design that allows to achieve the maximum power availability and redundancy.

The solution was specifically designed to ensure maximum protection of mission critical data center or critical applications loads.

In a standard cabinet can be installed up to 8 modules to reach the maximum power of 120 kVA. If the load is within limits, you can hot-swap modules allowing the power continuity without any interruption.


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